Atlanta, GA Feb 2-4, 2024 at the Yaraab Shrine Center

Festival report by Charles Shapiro

Photos of the festival by Joyce Howard and others

Videos of the festival by Andrew Austin, Official Videographer

Videos of the festival by others

Yaraab Shrine Tylers - Marshall Patton, Rick, Bob, Greg



Director - Spencer Schwab

Assistant - Madelyn Dinnerstein

Games Winners

  • 3-Ball Simon Says - 1st Dan Brown (FL), 2nd Patrick Russell (GA)
  • 5-Ball Endurance - 1st Dan Brown (FL), 2nd (tie) David DiMuzio and Jasper Murphy
  • Club Balancing - 1st Jasper Murphy (TX), 2nd Jimmy Robertson (GA)
  • Club Crown - 1st Jasper Murphy (TX), 2nd Max Housman
  • Quarters - 1st Adam Wade, 2nd Jake Zerkel
  • 7-Club Passing - 1st Joshua Spaugh & Jimmy Robertson, 2nd Jasper Murphy & Erin Gettelman
  • Huggling - 1st Jake Zerkel & Julian Ward, 2nd Adam Wade & Patrick Russell
  • Blind Juggling - 1st Jasper Murphy (TX), 2nd Max Housman
  • Ball Combat Juggling - Dan Brown (FL)
  • Club Combat Juggling - Dan Brown (FL)




Director and MC - Dan Howard

Stagehand - Charlotte Howard

Judges Wrangler and Timer - Jonathan Perry

Judges - David, Angela, Allison

Sound - Craig Lewis

Passing the Hat - Jay Jones and young helpers

Entertainer while judges deliberate - Uriyah Keith McNeil

Entertainment by the Seed and Feed Marching Abominable Band


  • Chuck Clark (Detroit MI)
  • Lisa Komatsubara (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Jasper Murphy (Austin TX)
  • "The Amazing Atticus" - Atticus Abraham (Crossville TN)
  • "Kendama Fun!" - Rodney Ansell (Vancouver BC, Canada)
  • "Lover's Meet" - Joshua Spaugh (Atlanta GA) and Erin Gettelman (Farmington NH)


2024 PHIL Groundhog trophy winners

  • "All-Star Special" - Lisa Komatsubara
  • "Best All-the-Way" - Joshua Spaugh and Erin Gettelman
  • "Flippin' Phenomenal" - Jasper Murphy



 Director - Logan Pearce



Director - Bruce Plott

Sound - Craig Lewis

Stage Manager - Dan Howard

MC - Michael Jay Garner


  • Jay, Laura and Steven Garner plus assorted rhythm section - Taylor Swift parody
  • Dan Brown - 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 5 clubs
  • Lisa Komatsubara - 3,4,5 balls
  • Uriyah Keith - multiprops
  • Chuck Clark - free-standing ladder
  • E & J Circus - Erin Gettelman & Joshua Spaugh - 3 clubs, 6 clubs, 7 clubs
  • Jasper Murphy and Atticus Abraham - one-man band and flute
  • Josh Romeo - chair gymnastics
  • The Jester Rejects & Brittany Rose - comedy
  • Nick Souren - 5 balls, 6 rings, 8 rings
  • Rodney Ansell 'Rod Dama' - Kendama
  • DrewBob Ford presents Mouse Award to Austin & Kelley Childs
  • David DiMuzio & daughters - 3 balls, 5 balls, 7 balls, 4 balls


Vendors and Sponsors


More Festival Volunteers

It was great having so many volunteers helping put on the festival!

Location Negotiations and Contract - Joyce Howard

Vendor Coordinator and Raffle - Austin and Kelley Childs

Publicity, Social Media and Website - Joyce Howard

Treasurer - Jay Jones

Registration - Shivella Schwab, Fran Favorini, Austin and Kelley Childs, Madelyn Dinnerstein, Dan Howard, Anne Rohr, Joyce Howard, Jay Jones

Nametags, Wristbands, Poster - Chuck Lazarow, Spencer Schwab, Jay Jones

Trophies - Walter Beals and Spencer Schwab

Artwork for T-shirt, Nametags, Wristbands and Trophies - Andrew Austin, John Jessmon, Chuck Lazarow

Festival booklet - Andrew Austin, Keith Watson, Joyce Howard

Facilities Director - Alan Tidwell

Transport, Setup and Takedown Helpers - Alan Tidwell, Austin and Kelley Childs, Charles Shapiro, Dan Howard, Andrew Austin, Jay Jones, Joyce Howard, Ray Stern, Don Lewis, Jen Jackman, Graham Daniel, Madelyn Dinnerstein, Bruce Plott, Natalie Hazen, Stephen Campbell, Calvin Robinson, Daniel and many others

AJA Banner Setup and Takedown - Andy Ford

Forms, Signs, Posters - Jen Jackman, Jay Jones, Don Lewis

Workshops Director - Logan Pearce

Workshop Leaders - Donnell, Don Lewis, Logan Pearce, Drew Brown, Sean Tessier, Richard Kennison, Afton Benson, Abby Brodsky, Alan Tidwell, Madelyn Dinnerstein, Graham Daniel, Patrick Russell, Andrew Austin, AJA Team

Maté and Snacks - Bruce Plott, Kelly Hoyt and others

Kids Korner, Water and Cups - Ray Stern

Cabaret Ticket Takers - Austin Childs

Post Festival Dinner Coordinator & Festival Reporter - Charles Shapiro

Hosts for out-of-town Guests - Shivella Schwab, Austin and Kelley Childs, Bruce Plott, Joyce Howard, Jay Jones, Charles Shapiro, Jimmy Robertson and others