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Entertainers to Hire    Members    
Dave Altman    Gerry Almand    Chris Marcellus 
Dan Berg   Allison Bailes   Samuel McClain
Drew Brown   Hal Baird   Robert McKee
Andy Ford   Randall Bolling   Josh Morton
Shannon Dupont   Bruce Brenizer   David Poole
Jasmine Foster   Ezra Collins   Rick Purtee
Michael Jay Garner   Richie Davies   Scott Reina
Dan Garrett   Shel Davis   Spencer Schwab
Meredith Gordon   Kira Ducat   Shivella Schwab
Carrie McQueen   Walter Duncan   Charles Shapiro
John Nations   Randy Fenster   Toni Shifalo
Jonathan Perry   Jake Gaustad   Virginia Slack
Bruce Plott   Charline Giroud   Josh Stanton
Kyle Pugh   Sandy Harill   Pat Stern
James Robertson   Wallace Howard   Ray Stern
Anne Rohr   Joyce Howard   George Strain
Brandon Ross   Dan Howard   Ryan Taylor
  Peter Johnson   Thomas Trinh
    Jay Jones   Rob Tsou
    Louise Lavoie   Keith Watson
    Alex Lehner   Josh Wickham